NT410 Pastoral Epistles and Philemon


Teacher: Clark Van Wick
Credits: 2
Textbook: Be Faithful By: Warren Wiersbe
Fulfills: General Elective, Missions & Evangelism Emphasis, or Christian Leadership Emphasis


The Pastoral Epistles, 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus were written by Paul to Pastors to encourage them & instruct them regarding very important and very practical issues in the church: Paul gives these young pastors, Timothy in Ephesus & Titus in Crete, encouragement and instruction regarding those teaching false doctrine, dealing with worship in the church, picking leaders in church, how to treat people in the church, dealing with material goods and the church. It is very practical, very applicable, and no doubt a great encouragement to Timothy & Titus.

The Key Theme is how to conduct the ministry of the church and to deal with people in the church. And I pray as we study these wonderful books we come to a place of understanding that Jesus Christ is the head of the church and has given us wonderful instructions as His church. The goal of the class is to be discipled by the Word of God, not to just gain knowledge. To allow the Holy Spirit to teach us and show us His glorious truths in His Word. To see how the Holy Spirit worked in the early Church and today.