OT310 Genesis


Teacher: Clark Van Wick
Credits: 3
Required Textbooks (purchased separately):
The Genesis Record by Henry M. Morris
The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer
Fulfills: Bible Core 1: Genesis or Pentateuch


The book of Genesis is one of the most influential and important books written. It contains crucial information that addresses the origins of all things including the universe, solar system, life, man, marriage, evil, language, government, religion, and the calling of God’s chosen people. For this reason, the book has been called “foundational.” It lays the basis for the other 65 books of the Bible by identifying the patriarchal traditions of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the twelve tribes of Israel. Moreover, the first mention of the gospel message (i.e. proto-Evangelium) is illuminated in Genesis 3:15. Therefore, in an effort to understand the basic tenants and implications of Genesis, this course will be a verse-by-verse study throughout the text.