OT327 Job


Teacher: Joel Wingo
Credits: 2
Required Textbooks (purchased separately):
How Long, O Lord? by D. A. Carson
Case for Faith DVD by Strobel
Fulfills: Bible Core 3: OT Poetry & Wisdom


By completing this course, you should (1) know the historical background of the book of Job and how it helps when interpreting its message, (2) understand the content and structure of the book of Job, (3) understand what the book of Job says about God and His relationship to His Creation, (4) respond properly to the book’s truthful message in both thoughts and actions, and (5) demonstrate the ability to explain the message of this book to others. The course requirements are designed to help you understand and grasp the Holy Spirit’s message in the book of Job, and also to equip you to remain strong in those times when you will face evil that threatens to destroy your faith in the LORD. Before you begin the course read the book of Job in its entirety.