OT331 Song of Solomon


King Solomon is something of a puzzle. How could a man blessed with great wisdom from God write a love song about a godly marriage and only years later be involved with 1,000 women? How could the King who wrote 1,000’s of God given proverbs later pursue happiness outside of these very boundaries? And despite all this our Lord Jesus spoke of the wisdom of Solomon without a hint of these failures. Primarily, Song of Solomon will be interpreted literally and appropriately as we see God’s blessing on and advice for marriage. Secondarily, we will look at how Christ is shown typologically in his role as the bridegroom of the church. Students will learn Song of Solomon’s insights on romance, purity, marriage, and God’s love for His bride. Understand when to interpret Scripture literally versus typologically, while never allegorizing.


Teacher: Andy Deane
Credits: 1
Textbooks: no textbook
Fulfills: General Elective (Does not fulfill OT Poetry and Wisdom book)