OT333 Jeremiah


Teacher: Tom Mauch
Credits: 2
Required Textbooks (purchased separately):
The Light and the Glory by Marshall & Manuel
Fulfills: Bible Core 4: OT Prophecy


We will use our bibles and lecture messages to fully understand the times in Israel when Jehovah chose Jeremiah to be His prophet to God’s chosen people. We will have the opportunity to compare national values from ancient biblical times with our present day moral values in the United States today. The course goal is: (1) to follow the life of Jeremiah from his first calling by Jehovah (2) to witness the faithfulness of Jeremiah in completing the call of God upon his entire life (3) to observe the spiritual condition of Judah, the Southern Kingdom. (4) to learn the vital lesson of what happens to any nation that neglects the leading of Jehovah. We will attempt to adhere to the admonition of Jesus when He shared “take my yoke and learn of me…” May God richly bless you as you study the word.