OT374 Ezra & Nehemiah


Teacher: Jim Tatton
Credits: 2
Required Textbooks (purchased separately):
Believer’s Bible Commentary by William MacDonald
Fulfills: Bible Core 2: OT History


When Ezra and Nehemiah received a call from God, they each responded in very different ways, but both were called to be leaders. The Lord knew the strengths and weaknesses of both men and he used both to His good purposes. The leadership roles these men would willingly undertake would revive a people and a nation, which had been all but destroyed. Jerusalem was a pile of rubble, the Jews were an enslaved people in Babylon, and when all seemed lost and hopeless God raised up men of stout heart and God-given faith who would restore God’s chosen nation. Answering the Lord’s call, Ezra and Nehemiah stepped into the cauldron of leadership and service.

By the end of this course we should be able to appreciate that the most important and critical part of our ministry is “God’s Call” on our lives. That we are called by His grace alone, and although the Holy Spirit will direct, fervent prayer and prayerful planning are an essential part of how we respond to, and continue in, our Holy calling. Psalm 127:1.