OT370 Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon


Teachers: Joe Holden and Andy Deane
Credits: 2
Required Textbooks (purchased separately):
Eternity in their Hearts by Don Richardson
Union and Communion by J. Hudson Taylor (provided free in course files)
Fulfills: Bible Core 3: OT Poetry and Wisdom


The course is a verse-by-verse exposition of the books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. Attention will be placed on helping the student understand each of the books place in the canon of Scripture, as well as cover the following topics: authorship, ethical issues revolving around the meaning and actions of life, solutions to problem passages, and discovering and applying God’s Word to our lives.

Aims For Student Learning

  1. Ecclesiastes: Deepen your relationship with Christ by seeing Him as the sufficient and necessary ingredient to a meaningful and satisfying life.
  2. Ecclesiastes: Gain an academic and devotional understanding of the book in order to familiarize you with its basic theology, purpose, and ethics.
  3. Song of Solomon: Learn Song of Solomon’s insights on romance, purity, marriage, and God’s love for His bride the church.
  4. Song of Solomon: Understand when to interpret Scripture literally versus typologically, while never allegorizing.