TH310 Theology


Teacher: Joe Holden
Credits: 2
Required Textbook (purchased separately):
Lectures in Systematic Theology by Thiessen and
Knowledge of the Holy by Tozer
Fulfills: Foundations 3: Theology


This course will consist of an examination of the main doctrines of the Christian faith under the heading of systematic theology. Attention will be given to theological introduction, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, man, sin, salvation, church, and personal eschatology. Other topics addressed will be the relationship of philosophy to theology, Calvinism/Armenian debate, and the creation of the human soul. The course goal is twofold: (1) to deepen your personal knowledge and faith in Christ through organizing and understanding essential theological issues along with how they relate to each other; (2) to equip you with the tools to become a more efficient evangelist as it pertains to clearly articulating the gospel message and its accompanying doctrines.