TH348 Bibliology and Archaeology


Teacher: Joe Holden
Credits: 2
Textbook: From God to Us by Norman Geisler and William Nix
Fulfills: General Elective or Christian Apologetics Emphasis


This course will explore the special nature and unique character of the Bible as a divine text. Emphasis will be placed on enabling the student to understand the process God used to reveal the Scriptures and pass down the 66 books of the Bible to us in their present form. Topics such as Bible and culture, prolegomena, theme, inspiration, canonization, transmission, translation, paleography, perspectives, archaeology, and historical reliability of the Bible will be addressed. At the conclusion of the course the student should have achieved the following measurable outcomes: 1. Knowledge of the origin and development of the Bible through the centuries. 2. Knowledge of the scribal transmission process and its contribution to establishing biblical reliability. 3. Knowledge of the inspiration, canonization, transmission and translation of the Old and New Testaments. 4. Knowledge of the way secular society views the Christian Scriptures and a Christian rebuttal. 5. Knowledge of archaeological data, which has a direct and indirect impact on our understanding of the historical trustworthiness of the Bible.