TH416 Bible Study Methods


Teacher: Andy Deane
Credits: 2
Textbooks: Learn to Study the Bible by Andy Deane, students will also need access to a Bible concordance
Fulfills: Required Foundations Class


Every Christian has heard of the wonderful benefits from studying the Scriptures, but many have never learned an effective approach for doing it. Bible study is more than simply reading the text; studying involves a systematic approach that leads to a much deeper understanding of the text. In this course, the inductive skills needed to arrive at a proper understanding of Scripture will be discussed. In addition, students will be introduced to a variety of study methods that will make time spent in God’s Word an exciting adventure. Students will learn how to have effective daily devotions and develop an appetite for God’s Word, become skilled at the inductive method of observation, interpretation, and application, and avoid interpreting the Bible in an erroneous fashion.