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Tom Mauch - Life & Legacy

CCBC would like to honor the life and legacy of Pastor Tom Mauch.


Pastor Tom has poured into the lives of countless students during his time at Calvary Chapel Bible College!

If you attended Calvary Chapel Bible College within the last 25 years, then you probably remember Pastor Tom Mauch. He has been teaching at CCBC faithfully since 1995 when the Bible college relocated from Twin Peaks to Murrieta.

Pastor Tom was born in Hammond, Indiana in 1930 and his family moved by train to Berkeley, California in 1932.  Looking back on his earliest years, he recalls watching history in the making. He says, “Growing up was wonderful. I saw them build the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. In one lifetime I’ve seen technology advance from a little wooden airplane to the exploration of space.  These eyes have seen over eighty years of life in the United States.” Pastor Tom has known the Lord from a young age and was raised attending his grandfather’s church. His sharp memory allowed him to recall a plethora of interesting details and stories from his life, including the exact day that he met his wife: Sunday July 12, 1953.  He recalls, “Sixty years later, it’s still love at first sight. Love for the Lord and love for each other.”

In 1966 the Mauch family moved to Hawaii where Tom was a tennis instructor at a college preparatory school, and even taught tennis to young Barak Obama. Before teaching tennis, he led a Bible study for the 6th-8th grade students. He said, “I always wanted to serve the Lord whatever way I could.”  During the thirty years that the Mauch family resided in Hawaii, Tom became friends with Chuck Smith.  He fondly remembered the times he spent traveling with Chuck in Hawaii, Israel, and California among other destinations.  In 1982 Tom became an associate pastor at Calvary Chapel Honolulu where he served until God called the Mauch family to California. In 1995, Tom and his wife moved to Murrieta to be part of developing the property that would become the new home of the Bible college.  He recalls a time when he drove around in a golf cart with Pastor Chuck evaluating the run-down facilities. They slowed to a stop near what we now know as the lake and Chuck said, “What do you see here?” Tom replied, “Mud!” Chuck responded, “No, I see a pond.” This continued all around the campus, and Tom played a key role in its transformation.

When renovations were complete and the Bible college relocated, Tom was one of the first teachers here at the Murrieta campus.  Over the years he has taught many Bible courses, some of which used to be held in the south dining hall which is his favorite building on campus. Pastor Tom said, “The most enjoyable thing is the boys and girls who come. It’s almost like you breathe life from them; it’s just a joy. That’s why I get enthused when I see the youngsters come each semester for the Bible college. You’re the hope of the next generation.”  

The light in his eyes and unmistakable joy on his face confirmed his genuine love for CCBC and all those who the Lord brought here. Pastor Tom looked at everything in life through a Biblical paradigm, and he shared his insight and wisdom in the courses that he taught. Some of these include: Gospels of Mark and Luke, Jeremiah, Psalms, Proverbs, Judges, Epistles of John, and Marriage Talks.

Tom loved studying and preparing for classes and found joy when the resources that he made available were utilized to bless others. Pastor Tom’s exhortations were always full of wisdom and love. He would say, “It’s been a nice journey, and I think advice is this: broad is the path? That’s the wrong path. Narrow is the path. And that’s what my whole life has been: to follow the narrow path, the Lord’s path. Few, Jesus said, find it; we found it. Now is the best time. Live every day for the Lord! At my age, to think God can still use me? Come on!” he said with a smile and a knowing laugh. “It isn’t those who have great ability, it’s availability.  People seem to think just because you’re old that you’re full of wisdom. Yeah you might be full of wisdom alright, but the world’s wisdom! You don’t want that. You want to be filled with the Lord’s wisdom. The years just go by like the sands of an hourglass before you know it; you can’t turn it around and start over. Let every day count, and make sure as best you can to represent and be a good example of our Lord Jesus. Amen?” Amen.


Our staff and students are thankful for the years of teaching Pastor Tom has blessed us with. Below is a student lead interview with Pastor Tom.


In honor of Tom Mauch, we would you like you to enjoy the complete audio recordings of Pastor Tom’s Proverbs class.

He has encouraged numerous students with his teachings over the years, and we pray that you will also be edified by the study of God’s Word.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

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