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Student Life

Our campus has moved to the beautiful San Bernardino mountains.  We are now in Twin Peaks, CA nestled among the pines.

One of our greatest learning environments on-campus is living in our community interactions and ministry training. We believe that the leadership involvement, discipleship, and conflict resolution learned while as a student brings life-long gains to each person! 

Chapels, small groups (dorm pods), and one-on-one meetings are additional spiritual meeting places for God to work in and through you as a student.

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Classroom Environment

There are a variety of classrooms on-campus, including several new outdoor settings which meet local health guidelines for colleges.

Students will attend three classes with the whole student body; Chapel, Lectures and Devotions. Attendance is taken using a beacon through Populi, even in the outdoor classrooms. TA's will give reminders at the start of each class.

Students may bring lawn chairs, or blankets, to outdoor classes and events.


Populi is our online management system. It covers academics, admissions, billing, people, reporting, library, and a lot more. You'll learn how to use Populi at the beginning of the semester and it will make your experience seamless. It's also secure, so your data stays safe. Populi runs on any computer (and phone), so everyone can use it!

Dorm Life

CCBC offers on-campus housing to single, full-time students who are enrolled in 15 or more credits.

We have six dormitories, each with its own unique location on our beautiful 47-acre campus. Every dorm is equipped with air-conditioning, a full bathroom in each room, and bunk beds. Each student will have a bed, wardrobe and drawers.

Students thoroughly clean their dorm rooms at least once a week to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for all residents.

Due to current health guidelines, all room capacities have been reduced.

Married Student Housing

Limited on-campus housing for married couples is available. Each studio includes a full bathroom and small outdoor patio area. Meals are served in our cafeteria.

At this time, housing is not available for those with children.

It is required that one spouse be a full-time student, while the other may be enrolled part-time. Both must be students to live on property.

Couple must be living together to be considered for on-campus housing.

Cost of housing for the non-full-time student is $930 per month.

For further details, speak with the admissions department once both applications are submitted.

married student housing in murrieta

Student Dining

Cafeteria Dining

Full-time on-campus students are served three meals a day in the student cafeteria, seven days a week.

Overflowing cup Coffeehouse

The Overflowing Cup Coffeehouse is run by students and provides custom coffee & tea drinks (at cost).

You can send your student a gift card that works at both the Coffee Shop and Library Store with the link below.

The Archive Library Store

Drinks, snacks, ice cream and merchandise are available for purchase in The Archive store everyday from 6:00am to 11:45pm. (Except on Sundays when it closes at 6:00pm before Chapel and dorm meetings).

You can send your student a gift card that works at both the Coffee Shop and Library Archive store with the link below.

Student Events

Our Student Counsel plans events throughout the semester to encourage student fellowship and participation including: Themed socials, Open Mic Nights, Sports Tournaments, Worship & Prayer Nights, Beach Days, and Game Nights.

Campus Safety &
Our Local Community

A recent study found Murrieta to be the one of the safest cities in the United States! We are so grateful for our local police who work hard to keep our city safe.

CCBC campus is home to a substation of the Murrieta Police Department. Between the safety of our city, our police substation, and our 24-hour campus support monitoring, we have done everything we can to create a place of safety to study and seek God.

Short film created by student David E.

student life FAQs

Be sure to bring a Bible! A good study Bible in an essentially literal translation is ideal (such as the New King James Version (NKJV), the New American Standard Bible (NASB), the English Standard Version (ESV), or the Christian Standard Bible (CSB).

If you have a few Bible study resources such as a Bible dictionary or Bible software, bring those too.

If possible, bring a laptop computer with the ability to run Bible study software. Laptops/smart phones are also essential for listening to Bible Survey tracks which are downloaded or streamed via weblinks. Free wifi is available on campus. A multiple outlet power strip with surge protection may also prove helpful in the dorm room.

Be sure to pack an alarm clock, personal toiletries, towels, wash cloths, sheet set for a standard twin bunk bed, pillow and laundry bag. For storage, bring plastic drawers or containers with lids to fit under the bed, or small cardboard drawers.

Feel free to bring a bicycle and/or sports gear such as a soccer ball and cleats, basketball, tennis racket, ping-pong gear, volleyball, etc.

Musical instruments such as guitars are acceptable.

You may want to bring school supplies.

Although most students have mobile phones, the Bible College Office can receive incoming urgent phone messages.

If you have not yet paid the tuition and fees in full, bring your method of payment for tuition balance, fees, etc. CCBC accepts Visa or MasterCard, personal checks, money orders, or cash. Tuition is normally due two weeks prior to Arrival Day.

Bring some spending cash for incidental expenses
such as dorm cleaning and bathroom supplies (roommates each pitch in a few dollars).


Firearms, weapons, explosives, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus, even if they are stored in vehicles.

Video game devices, unwholesome music, and movies distract students who come to this campus to be set apart for the study of God’s Word.

In addition, please do not bring televisions, projectors, DVD players, stereos, etc.

Beyond these practical guidelines, we hope all students come to CCBC with a heart to seek the kingdom of God first, a readiness to be transformed by the Spirit through the study of God’s Word, and an openness to love others for Jesus’ sake as the outworking of true faith.

Please refer to the Student Handbook and Student Housing Guide for more information!

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Copyright © 2021 Calvary Chapel Bible College

Copyright © 2021 Calvary Chapel Bible College