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Twin Peaks

The Board of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CCCM) made the decision to list the Murrieta Hot Springs property for sale in October of 2020. Our goal as a school has been to be transparent during this process and disclose all information that we have to our students, their families, prospective students, and alumni.

We have been promised use of the MHS property through June of 2022, and we plan to enjoy the full 2021-2022 academic year at this location.

When we can no longer operate at the Hot Springs campus, CCCM’s leadership plans for CCBC to move to our original campus at Twin Peaks, near Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino mountains.

To read the statement released by CCCM regarding the decision to sell, go HERE. CCCM contact information is at the bottom of the page should you have any further questions.

The Twin Peaks property has been through many changes through the years, but it is the birthplace of CCBC and we look forward to our future there. Here is a little overview of its history and photos of its current state.

The Monte Corona Era*

Built in the early 1960’s, The Monte Corona, “Mount Crown”, was a luxurious resort. A chalet, with midcentury flare, the central building is tri-level, circular shape. It’s main purpose, for more that 10 years, was to host conferences and retreats for the LA Teachers Association.

*They couldn’t have know in 1960 how badly the word “corona” would age!

Calvary Chapel Bible School


In 1975, the resort was purchased by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa as the first residential home of their college “Calvary Chapel Bible School”. It provided the perfect “come away with Jesus” experience for students from the city. At that time, they were encouraged to spend a year studying the whole bible, line upon line, before being sent out to plant churches.

By 1989 the college had changed is name to Calvary Chapel Bible College and began offering degrees with state authorization.

The college moved to a new campus at Murrieta Hot Springs in 1996. In the meantime, the Twin Peaks Campus now served as a full-time conference center for the next 25 years.

Twin Peaks Christian Conference Center Era

The photos below depict the property as it currently stands in Spring of 2022 as a retreat center.

CCBC at Twin Peaks

At this moment, discussions are ongoing about CCBC’s use of the property at Twin Peaks. CCBC will be a tenant of the facility, which is owned and operated by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. CCBC will use the central main building and dormitories. All other facilities will be used by Lake Arrowhead Christian School, which is already operating on the property. 

We have compiled a list of FAQs that we will add to this page as answers are available. If you have suggestions for other questions, please call our office or email us to let us know!

The renderings below show CCCM’s developing design concept for the main building. The implementation of the design will be a multi-phase renovation over the next few years.

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Copyright © 2021 Calvary Chapel Bible College