Transfer Policy

To request a transfer credit evaluation, please submit your official transcripts from the institution(s) you have attended. No official evaluation can be made without official transcripts. In some cases, you may be asked to provide additional information about your coursework in order to complete the evaluation. CCBC will maintain a written record of the student’s previous education, official transcripts, and a record showing that transfer credit was granted.

Mailing Address: PO Box A Twin Peaks, CA 92391

Digital Transcripts Email:

General Studies Courses: Students who have completed general studies courses through accredited institutions and wish to transfer credits must have their official transcripts sent to CCBC for review by the Registrar. Technical, non-academic courses are not acceptable for transfer, nor are courses that are below college level.

Bible, Theology, and Christian Life & Ministry Courses: Students who have studied the Bible, Theology, or Christian Living and Ministry at other institutions and wish to transfer credits to CCBC must have their official transcripts sent to CCBC for review by the Registrar. Course syllabi will be requested as part of the review. Courses will be examined individually and must be deemed identical or very similar in content to courses offered at CCBC.

Affiliate Schools: Courses completed at a recognized CCBC Affiliate may be transferred into our Associate or Bachelor Degree Programs. A minimum of 25% of the credits for any program must be completed directed through CCBC. Courses are examined individually and must be deemed identical or very similar in content, quality, and learning outcomes to courses offered at CCBC.

International Transfer Credits: Students who have completed secondary or postsecondary education outside of the United States and desire to pursue a degree must submit an evaluation of foreign credentials from an evaluating agency. Please allow ample time for processing. Any non-English documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation, including a course-by-course evaluation. Commonly used international evaluation companies include WES (World Education Services) and ECE (Foreign Credential Evaluators).

Alternative Learning Credits: Credit for prior learning, competency-based credits, and credits earned through alternatives such as ACE, CLEP, and AP must be approved by the CCBC Registrar, and may not exceed 17% of the credits required for any CCBC program. CCBC does not grant or transfer credit for “life/ministry experience”. Total transfer credits (including alternative credit) may not exceed 75% of any program.

CCBC Prior to Fall 1989: Degrees cannot be granted for courses completed before CCBC was authorized to grant degrees, (i.e. prior to the fall of 1989). Thus, Certificates of Completion from “Calvary Chapel Bible School” cannot be exchanged for the Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from CCBC without satisfaction of all current graduation requirements. Classes and standards for graduation have changed considerably over the years.

Degree Upgrades: Students who have completed a diploma or associate’s degree at CCBC in the past may transfer in courses and/or complete additional coursework at CCBC to upgrade to a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree, under the requirements of the current Academic Catalog. Program requirements completed by students who graduated with earlier degrees may not perfectly align with the current Academic Catalog, and students may need to take additional courses to complete the new degree programs. For more information contact the Registrar’s office.