President & CEO

Justin Thomas

Director & COO

Michael Ancheta

Academic Services Coordinator & CAO

Rory Daugherty

Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator

Simon Woodstock

Communications Coordinator

Shannon Zullinger

Financial Coordinator

Amstrong Pierre Charles

Worship Coordinator

Sam Miles

Dean of Men

David Diaz

Dean of Women

Kayla Peterson

Admissions Administrator

Lizzy Hayes


Rebecca Harden

Transfer Specialist & Affiliate Liason

Savanah Cooley

Academic Services Assistant

Simeon Smith

Head Librarian

Sophia Zarifis-Russell

Front Desk & Student Billing

Cathy Jackson

Mixed Media & AV Specialist

Cael Diaz

Food & Beverage Manager

Devon Hayes

Coffeeshop Manger

Dan Ronquillo